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As a shared economy continues to become a largely adopted trend, the co-working industry has taken off. In 2010, the US had only 250 officially listed co-working locations. Fast-forward six years later, 2016, and it has more than 3,000.

The co-working industry has received much recognition with the extraordinary rise of WeWork. In New York City - arguably the most diversified professional hub in the world - WeWork controls half of the co-working sector. But, WeWork isn't alone.

Essentially, anyone who owns a lease has the ability to rent out space. With such a low barrier, many other co-working companies are beginning to indulge. One co-working company in particular, "Coworkrs," owns 170,00 square feet worth of office space in NYC, and continues to grow.

"The demand is still very high." - Shlomo Silber, CEO of Coworkrs

Interestingly enough, no large Real Estate investors have put forth their money to the co-working industry yet. Having just received $1.4 billion in funding, WeWork maintains lots of financial flexibility to make deals. Despite competitors taking on the "wide-open" industry, none come close to WeWork.

How do you see the co-working industry shaping moving forward? Will WeWork continue to dominate?


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