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Despite numerous legal battles, newly passed restrictions, and further pending regulations, short-term rental powerhouse Airbnb remains prosperous. The company is waiting to receive its next round of funding that would value it at $30 billion.

One of the primary issues facing Airbnb is its function as a "double-edged" sword. Although it offers tourists the ability to endure an "authentic" experience by living within the local environment, it is also pushing away the local residents in hopes of bringing in more of these tourists. The continued expansion of tourism using Airbnb is substituting the authenticity and culture of these respective cities.

Independent data illustrates apartments and houses are being more frequently used as "commercialist hosts" than residential. As tenants belonging to Airbnb continue to drive up the prices for prospective guests, it's becoming harder for locals to move into these properties.

“...very much concerned with what is rapidly happening to the historical center of our beautiful city," - João Seixas, a geography professor at the New University of Lisbon.

It seems as though Airbnb will prevail in this matter, at least in the United States.  According to a federal law, website owners are not necessarily responsible for what is published on their websites. Examples defending this notion are demonstrated by the likes of online bloggers and social media websites, such as Yelp or Youtube.

Which side of Airbnb's "Double-Edged" Sword are you on? Does one hold more priority than the other?


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