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As the referendum sets to commence tomorrow, the U.K market prepares for an exit from Europe.

Various sectors of the U.K's economy are set to be impacted from the possible European departure. In particular, the Real Estate market is projected to take quite a fall. An exit from the European Union will most likely translate into a weaker pound, which will deteriorate the value of the U.K properties.

"U.K. house prices could fall up to 18% if the U.K. severs ties with the EU." - according to U.K. Treasury chief George Osborne.

Central London, home to some of the most expensive commercial properties in Europe, is set to see its commercial properties take a hit as well. Although the property value may decrease significantly, availability is not a guarantee for foreign investors wishing to take advantage of the lower costs. Holding onto these property may be in the best interest of their owners in the long-term.

To what extent do you think the BREXIT affects U.K property market?


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