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For years, the primary focus of Real Estate development in Hong Kong - a city so overwhelmingly populated - has revolved around maximizing space.

Whether it's residential or commercial, the more space, the better. It's always been more about sufficiency than attraction. But Hong Kong developers have begun experimenting with innovative art designs in the development of their properties. Not only will the properties be designed in a uniquely artistic manner, but they will be used for artistic purposes as well.

William Lim, a local architect in Hong Kong, will be the first to design such a building, which will be located in Hong Kong's financial district. In 2017, the 24-story building featuring magnificent new color schemes, layouts and furnishing will consist also of restaurants, retail shops, and loads of space for art exhibits.

After having been selected as Asia's base for the annual 'Art Basel' festival, Hong Kong will continue to explore the development of its art industry. Whether it is more space for art exhibits, or a growth of artistic RE development, Hong Kong is certainly making strides toward gaining attraction and recognition in both regard.


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