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After the financial crisis of 2008, many US homeowners saw their property values drop heavily. However, many of these same homeowners - particularly in metropolitan areas - have failed to recognize their home equities have risen considerably since the aftermath of the recession.

Equity is the difference between the appraisal (or market value) of a home and the debt against a mortgage.

Mortgage Data and Analytics Firm Black Knight Services estimates there is $4.4 trillion of "tappable" equity amongst US homeowners nationwide. What this means is that homeowners can take advantage of equity tools such as "equity loans, equity credit lines, and cash-out refi's (refinance) to renovate their homes, or other expenses. These loans do not necessarily have to be used on homes, but can also be used on medical bills, big occasions (weddings), and other various expenses.

The world's largest credit union, Navy Federal Reserve, conducted a survey testing people's knowledge of home equity. It found that 55% of its participants had “little or no knowledge of home equity loans or lines of credit.”

"Thirty eight million owners nationwide have at least 20 percent equity, averaging $116,000 per owner." - according to Black Knight

Simply put, people need to start realizing their property values and begin taking advantage of them!


Cerco Funding LLC is a New York-based real estate private equity firm. Cerco acts as a direct portfolio lender originating commercial bridge loans nationwide. Cerco has extended capital for acquisitions, refinancings, repositionings, and a host of special situations.

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