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CERCO Funding and REMESH have agreed to partner on a project centered around extracting mass consumer information regarding Commercial Real Estate (CRE).

CERCO Funding, one of the nation's most up and coming Bridge Loan providers in RE development, is keen on learning more about the general public and their feelings toward investing in CRE.

Remesh, founded just a couple of years ago by Andrew Konya and Aaron Slodov, continues to establish itself as a premiere consumer intelligence service. Remesh operates through a concrete platform that rapidly analyzes and crunches a mass audiences' response to certain topics of interest. After crunching the data it segments all responses by different variables such as; gender, race, job, living location, as well as many others that factor into people's answers.

On June 23rd, 2016, the two companies will officially come together to conduct their first discussion. The discussion will include questions revolving around general consumer information on CRE, Capital Markets, and Bridge Loans.

Don't forget to join the conversation. Maybe your answer will be selected!


Cerco Funding LLC is a New York-based real estate private equity firm. Cerco acts as a direct portfolio lender originating commercial bridge loans nationwide. Cerco has extended capital for acquisitions, refinancings, repositionings, and a host of special situations.

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